The Plant Man is an independent company supplying and maintaining living office plant displays. We have 20 years experience in plant design and maintenance, silk plant cleaning and holiday plant decorations. 

Our success is due to the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of our employees.  We pride ourselves on our wide range of plants and containers- the variety of choices is endless.  Our goal is to keep your plants as healthy as they can be and by maintaining your plants weekly we achieve this.

The Plant Man designs plantscapes only after viewing your office environment and making plant decisions based on your space, the lighting, the humidity and the temperature.  There is a science to interior plant design, because not every plant works well everywhere.  As designers, we would welcome the opportunity to work on enhancing your space.

We are always willing to maintain existing plants and will make recommendations if a plant needs to be replaced.  Does your company have more than one location? The Plant Man is able to manage interior landscape services at multiple locations. If you currently have more than one location, consider our Concierge Services.

Dedicated to Creating a Better Workplace Through Plant Life

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